Monday, 4 June 2018

Get The Geo Holiday Holiday Offer, Get 100 Rupees Like That

Get The Geo Holiday Holiday Offer, Get 100 Rupees Like That
After the revolution in the telecom industry, Reliance Geo is continuously launching the Dhamakadar Plans.
Now Geo has launched the Holiday Hangma Plan for its prepaid users.
Geo's Holiday Hangma Plan: Geo has given a huge discount on its best selling price of 399 rupees. Users are getting a discount of Rs 100 on the Jio 399 plan. In this way, the plan will be available at Rs 299 instead of Rs 399.
Such a discount of 100 rupees will be given: Jio is giving cashback in two ways in his plan. The first cashback will be 50 rupees. It will be benefited by the Geo App. Users must recharge from the MyJio App. Apart from that, cashback of Rs 50 will be available, if the user goes to My Jio App and will recharge from PhonePe Mobile App.
How long will the Jio Holiday Hungama offer: The Geo Gion Benefit will be available till June 15. The geo user will recharge this plan from June 1 to June 15, they will get a pack of Rs 399 at a price of Rs 299.
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