Sunday, 4 March 2018

Who are you chatting with on WhatsApp?

Who are you chatting with on WhatsApp?

Step 1 – After installing the App, proceed with the permissions and proceed. Now click on Continue.

Step 2 – Click on Inside New Page enabled and click just Inside WhatsApp. Now access the App by clicking on Settings.

Step 3 – Click on Customize after returning to the App. Now open page save by typing the name you want to write. If you want here ??? *** ### You can also use such a symbol.

Step 4 – Now go to the app and just click on Inside WhatsApp. You will now see a green color round. Now go to WhatsApp and open the chat of whose name and photo you want to delete and click on the green color round. The person’s photo and name will both disappear.

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