Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Turn off the house and turn off the numbers

Turn off the house and turn off the numbers


The Basti Mandal is the news relating to the Aircel consumers. Older Aircel customers sitting in the house can connect to BSSNL network. For this, the mobile number will have to be ported. This process can be completed only at home. For this, the consumer has to specify the last four digits of the sim along with the mobile number. After completing this process, without changing the number, Aircel SIM will be connected to BSNL network and the phone will start working as before.
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Telecommunication General Manager, Vidyanand told in a conversation with Jagran that the customers of Aircel can start BSNL at any nearby center and can also turn their number without having to port. Aircel numbers are not working since January. Mandal’s settlement, Siddharthnagar and Santakbirnagar alone have about one lakh airtel subscribers. There is an opportunity to connect with BSNL for this.

This is the way to port number

The customer has to dial the mobile number 9807012345 to port the old number. On this, the old mobile number will again be the last four digit of SIM. Within a few minutes of the completion of this process, that number of Aircel will be activated and the BSNL services will get full benefits.

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