Wednesday, 7 March 2018

TIPS: Android users can do this with 10 short-keys, many have tried, Tri?

Everyday new Android OS based smartphones are being launched in the market. The most widely used OS in the world is Android. There are some shortcuts in Android that smartphone users can easily work harder. Includes Extra Battery with Power Saving Modes, Organizing Apps in Folders and Works from Third Party Keyboards or Bandwidth Management. If you also have Android users, the 10 shortcut keys shown here may be of great help to you.

* Android phone's 10 work tricks ....

1. Set up Google Now
Users can set up Google Now on their Android, this will work as a personal assistant for Google and make it work easier. For this, you have to open the Google app on your smartphone and fill your preference by tapping on Google Now. Thereafter, now you can get relevant notifications of favorite stocks, sports, sports teams and other items as per preference on Google Now. Apart from this, Google Maps can also show you about your travels, cars, buses, metro etc. in which vehicle you will travel.
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