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Sent messages deleted from WhatsApp can also be read

Sent messages deleted from WhatsApp can also be read
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WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app that has recently released Delay for Everything feature. But can you really stop the message from appearing in the phone? A new report has claimed that the message that has been deleted has still been in the device. Which can be easily monitored. Spanish spy Android Gaffe has claimed that the deleted message is present in the notification log of the devise.
More about this, he said that the person who reads the deleted messages that are not easily needed, when it has been removed by the sander. He noted that such messages are deposited in the Notification Registration and when a person records a check, the blog can also see the deleted message. Because the WhatsApp message can be downloaded through third party, ie Notification History, through GooglePlay

After downloading the app, users can get the message going to the Android Notification log. This will be easier for users who are interested in third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher. Notification log can be viewed only with no additional apps. After pressing long on the home screen, tap on the widgets, you can go to settings and access the notification log by activating Ektivitis and then use the Notification log system. Similarly, the Notification logs can be used well by setting widgets by going to android.
Gazette 360 ​​can both be used by both Notification Third Party App and EkTV Method, and this application will take effect on Android devices. It has some limitations. When the message generates notice, it can be recovered. Apart from this, the message will be saved in the Notification log, which will not be restricted. Notice is cleared when prohibited.
According to this method only the message of the first 100 carrier deleted messages can be seen. This feature can also be made available to users of Android 7.0 and higher.
Only lost messages by retrieve by the users can be returned only when they are not restricted. This is not the first time that the deleted message was returned to the IOS expert Jonathan Zemirski. Even last year, despite the betting conversation of WhatsApp, there was a debate on the devise.
When most of the messages sent or deleted by a deleted Delicious for Everywhere feature, it disappears on the device. This latest feature was released by WhatsAppAs for more convenience this year and this information is needed when it has changed a lot of usage

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