Thursday, 8 March 2018

How to make a call without sim card

How to make a call without sim card

The most essential SIM card is to call. It often happens that a SIM card stops working suddenly or you do not have a phone, the biggest question is when how can you make a call to any number? There are many apps available in the Google Play Store that you can call without a SIM card, but if you do not want to use these apps, then there are many websites online that you can call in free. Today, we will give you information about a similar trick …

For this, first you go to the computer and Smartphone’s Browser and type Reveal Name in the Google Search section.

After typing Reveal Name, click on which option comes first.

Now you will see a website. This website will look like a phone icon, in which click on the Look Up option.

Select the country where you want to call from where all countries and their codes will appear.

After selecting the country, type the number on the search option, to which you have to call.

After typing a number, a green button below will appear, click this button.

Click on call button Phone will be connected. The feature is also that the caller will not even see your number.

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