Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Do you also get rid of unnecessary e-mail, so do block it

Do you also get rid of unnecessary e-mail, so do block it

Any mobile and laptop users will have an additional e-mail problem on websites, travels on twitter, unnecessary calls on mobile, messaging, and inbox. Sometimes there are e-mails in which phishing or other hacking tricks can damage your data.
Your inbox is full from such Fake E-mail and can also cause you great damage. Often service providers continue to send e-mails despite unsubscribing to the mail service. If you are a G-mail user, you can block such unnecessary e-mail.

Do this as unnecessary E-mail block:

– Login with your E-mail ID and password first on Google.
– Search for the name of the e-mail sender, group or service provider.
– Open E-mail
– Click on an arrow next to the mail sender’s name / ID.
– Block here by clicking on the sender’s name and address.
You can also avoid e-mail made by unnecessary e-mails or selective users.
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