Tuesday, 13 March 2018

create a GIF file with text and photo of his name.

Hello Today, let me tell you how to create a GIF file with text and photo of his name.
Step-1 then https://en.bloggif.com/text on Google first. Search the website

Step-2 Your Text Enter Your Name
Step-3 Choose Your Effect Anyone Like You
Step-4 If you have to make your name smaller or larger then click on More Option
Step-5 Then click on Create My Text GIF
Step-6 Then click on Choose Your Picture and select your photo.
Step-7 Then click on Download.
Step-8 Then go to your mobile phone and it will be ready to be your GIF file.
Click here How to Create
Create Gif File Online
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  1. nice and very good efforts Salman Bahi.... keep it up///