Tuesday, 20 March 2018

* Caution, there is no number starting from +86 in your WhatsApp group?

The Indian Army has given a special warning to those who use WhatsApp
– The warning has been told by the army – if you are using WhatsApp, caution – hacking Chinese hackers WhatsApp
– The Indian Army has proclaimed the assassins of Chinese hackers – a video
– It has been said by the Army – if you use any Messenger app, take caution and security

– In order to infiltrate into a digital world in China – can cross any limit

– Hackers seated in China – penetrating into your WhatsApp group – tries to steal your data

– Any number of China starts from +86 – So if you get involved in your WhatsApp group from the number starting on +86, please be aware that this person is a Chinese intruder and your account has come to confuse

– To prevent hacker intrusion, check your group every day and check that there is no unknown number hidden in it.

– Save in the WhatsApp page with the same number as the number in the group

– If there is no known number in the group, then verify the number from the roundabout

– If you change the mobile number, immediately report to group admin

– If you change the number, delete the old number of SIM card and – Deactivate the WhatsApp number immediately.

– Always keep an eye on this item and be alert

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