Wednesday, 7 March 2018

CALL anybody, without any showing your number, free service

CALL anybody, without any showing your number, free service

NEW DELHI: You want to call someone from your number and you also want to know that your number will not be revealed in front of you. If you hear this, you will feel like this can not happen. So today we are going to ask you for an app that will make it possible that you will call anyone but your number will not come, but any other number will come. In the meantime, you can talk to anyone without showing your number and you will not be able to make any callbacks.

First of all, you have to install an app named Indycall from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. When this app is installed open it. Now a new page will open in front of you.

Once the page opens, you will agree to the terms and conditions. Then you will need access to your phone’s contacts and you will have to give access to this app. This app will not work if you do not give access. Now you will see the keypad just like your keypad.

Now you want to dial the number you want to call in this keypad. But keep in mind that before dialing the number, you will have to give the country code of +91 India. The number can be hidden after the code is entered. If you do not dial this code, you can not hide the number.

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